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Purple Marketing Consulting

Welcome To Purple Marketing Consulting

We Believe in complete, custom, and remarkable digital marketing solutions for our clients

Purple Marketing Consulting believes every company is unique and deserves a customized digital marketing plan. Our mission is to provide complete, custom, and remarkable digital marketing solutions for our clients.



At Purple Marketing Consulting, part of our passion is providing every business with a beautiful, functional website. You can think of a website like your 24/7 secretary, screening and informing clients when you're not around. A website is essential in the modern marketplace, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what puts it in front of your customers! Professionally managed SEO puts your website in the first position on Google and other popular search engines.  You need both to win!

Graphic Design & Branding

Branding is the look and feel of your company from your logo to your color scheme to your business cards.  Whatever you decide your business needs to succeed, make sure it has your branding glued on top of it! Our expert team of designers utilize adobe's suite of products to design beautiful and professional logos, graphics, and images that are made uniquely for your business. Quality and consistent content causes customers to perceive you as a quality and consistent business who deserves their trust and business. Let us help you build your graphic design and branding!

Your Business Is Unique.

Your Digital Marketing Should Be Too.

Social Media &

Pay Per Click

How do you get your business in front of millions of people? Simple! You go to where they already are! Social media is a part of nearly every consumer's day, and by utilizing it, you can be there too! The same thing goes for Pay Per Click advertising on Google.  Have you ever searched for a product and then started to see advertisements for it? That's because it's a highly effective marketing strategy! Let's give the people what they want, and find qualified customers for your business ASAP. Let's get you in front of your future customers!

Analytics &


With an extensive background in statistics, research, and data analysis; no one is better interrupting the data and trends than our team. Numbers are nothing without analysis, and analysis is nothing without action.

Our analysts work with our clients to analyze their website, social media, and other business data to aid them in making the right business decisions.

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