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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Canva has become a top go-to design tool for many bloggers. Have you tried Canva yet? Many people are unaware of all the amazing things that can be done in Canva. When you have a blog, there is SO much to think about as far as design and graphics. Canva helps enhance your blog and eliminates the fear of design for a “non-designer”. Not sure where to start? Here are 3 ways to enhance your blog post images in Canva to make your posts AWESOME.

Let’s explore a few ways that you can use Canva today to start enhancing your blog posts immediately.

1. Blog Title Image

Have you ever been to a blog where the headline seems so promising, but you just can’t get yourself to read it because it looks… well bland and boring? Sometimes a good headline is not enough. That’s when a blog title image can boost the likelihood of people reading your content. Canva’s Blog Title design template is best for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn shares. If you’re looking for a portrait or vertical blog title image for Pinterest and Google+ shares you can use Canva’s Blog Graphic template. It works great! Use Canva’s Blog Title templates for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Use the Blog Graphic template for Pinterest and Google+. 3 Great Ways To Enhance Your Blog Posts in Canva. Once you establish if your blog title image should be horizontal or vertical, then you can choose the design template you need in Canva. Canva’s ready-to-use layouts make designing images easy. Believe it or not, many people don’t realize the importance of a blog title image. Some people don’t even use an image at all, which is a BIG mistake. Take advantage of Canva’s ready-to-use layouts as seen here. All you have to do is switch out the text for your own with your branded font. Many of the templates have set filters that are editable, take a look at the filter settings by clicking the image and see if it’s right for you. Many Canva layouts have editable filters. Take a look at the examples by Julie Harris and Mad Lemmings below. They have a consistent look that makes their branding distinguished. Any time I see their blog title images in a sea of other images, I know it’s theirs.

2. Infographics

Another great way to enhance a blog is by using engaging infographics with incredible stats. People love information that can be absorbed quickly. What better way than with a great looking visual that has bits of information that you can remember? An infographic can help achieve that, PLUS they are super easy to share on Pinterest and Google+. The best thing is that Canva created an infographic template, which is SO helpful. You can use any of the ready to use template designs and switch out the font, colors, and design elements. Have an outline ready for your infographic, which will make it easier to get done. Take advantage of Canva’s infographic templates as a way

3. Photo Collage

The third way to enhance your blog is with photo collages. People love seeing a variety of similar photos together. It can provide a great visual for instructions, recipes, and tutorials. You’re giving the information your reader wants AND keeping them engaged visually with your content. A recent study states that 70% of longer pins receive more repins than short pins. Photo collages are a great visual piece with a variety of images in one. You can use the ready-to-use Photo Collage template in Canva to show the steps of a recipe or instructions. The Canva photo collage template is square shaped however you can create a photo collage with many of their photo grids. You can use collages for designs and to display your portfolio. Use the Pinterest template in Canva and the multiple image photo grids as shown below. Canva has some great photo collage templates too

THERE YOU HAVE IT! These are pretty simple and effective ways to enhance your blog posts with Canva. Now let’s see your blogs with these additions and your blog posts will become more enjoyable.

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