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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Wood, Assoc. AIA

Andrew joined Purple Marketing Consulting as Director of Design in mid

2020.  His primary role is external communication and internal

coordination for clients in the execution of their curated monthly

campaigns and initiatives. As Director of Design, he launches and

reviews the work done within PMC to verify a level of excellence in

quality and graphic appeal.

After receiving degrees in Art and Business, he pursued a Masters in

Architecture from Kansas State University with a Minor in Regional and

Community Planning. This background gives him a unique vantage

point on design as it applies to virtual, graphic, and print media.

In his off time, he has been a wedding DJ, radio show host, and lead

singer in a band .  Being a self proclaimed lover of road trips, he is

always planning the next adventure.  His travels have taken him to

almost 40 states and 5 continents.  Having swam competitively, he is

always diving into the nearest pool, lake, ocean, or swimming hole

weather conditions notwithstanding.

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