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PMC + Facebook Groups

For this month's tip, we are going to focus on a way to reach more of the customers that you are trying to target for a fraction of the cost of ads. Purple Marketing Consulting utilizes this strategy with our clients to stretch their digital marketing budget while making a strong brand impact. This is accomplished by developing a presence of your business page on Facebook Groups. Facebook’s algorithms overtime have deflated regular posts page by page. The larger pages have a lot of force with 10,000s of likes and followers. It is easier for their content to gain steam by triggering Facebook’s algorithms that favor posts with a variety of reactions and comments. This is not possible for the little guys, the small business focused on the local community or the e-commerce site that has a very unique niche. This is where Facebook Groups can get your Facebook algorithm suppressed posts some much needed attention. So how can you do this? Which groups should you join? How much should you post? Should you interact more than just posting?

Which groups should you join?

It is important to join relevant groups. You would not want to join a group focused on food if you are in real estate. You will get kicked out and lose brownie points with that community. Also, take a look at how active the group is. Facebook usually highlights this with (e.g. 30+ posts per week),

How much should you post?

You can post as much as you would like. Depending upon the volume of sales you do to that general community, I would vary your posts. If you are a restaurant and sell high volume products, it would make sense to post more frequently than if you were in a low volume business such as real estate.

Should you interact more than just posting?

Yes, the more involved your page is on a group, the more favorable Facebook’s Group algorithm will see your posts. Additionally, interacting with other content just gets your business’s brand out to this community more often. I would not devote a significant amount of time to this; you could set aside one day a week to go interact with some of the other content in the groups your page has joined.

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