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PMC + Google Data Studio

A free tool to answer almost every question you have about customer interaction on your website.

If you have a website, you likely receive some sort of data somewhere. Our eyes are flooded with data left and right. It surrounds us and is a part of every aspect of the internet. Usually, when we see the data on our own sites we see "Users", "Sessions", "Most Visited Pages", etc... This is helpful information, but we have to make many inferences when we see increases or decreases in some of these common and basic metrics.

Google Data Studio is a free web application that allows you to massage your data and allow you to answer some of the most striking questions you have on your site (e.g. How did my Facebook and Google ad campaign compare over this past week?). Filters can be applied, bar graphs, tree maps, heat maps, geological maps, and more can all be added to your data studio report. You can look at different periods of time and compare them to the same period or a custom period. There are 100s of metrics and fields as default fields from google analytics if that is what is tied into your website. Google ads can also be tied into the data studio. In fact, SQL servers and other data sources can be pooled into data studio... it is literally a studio made for data.

How Does Purple Marketing Consulting Use Data Studio?

1. Local businesses: We focus on source/medium and SEO in the local region.

2. Service business/franchise businesses: We focus on geological and location performance. How do different areas respond to different Facebook ads or Google Ads?

Usually we try to separate out paid traffic, organic traffic, email traffic, and social media traffic. We try to break each of these categories down and have set up events throughout the sites we manage. Events are key actions we want a user to make on the site (e.g. click a button). We are able to see how users from each of these sources utilize our site. Based on these events, we are able to determine the average value generated per event. This allows us to give each of these sources an estimated value generated based on the key actions users make. We regularly refer to our data studio reports for our clients in making decisions (e.g. ad spend, content to create, website changes, etc...).

Purple Marketing Consulting has prepared a monthly report for each of their clients. We even offer this service to clients whose sites we did not make. If you are interested in seeing one of our reports on your website, we would be happy to help you set this up and give you a free month data report and a read back of the report.

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