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The Essentials of Ad Goals

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

During a recent campaign for a client that sells services to local clients, the PMC team tested ad campaigns that had specific goals on Facebook and Google and those that did not. The results were shocking!!!

This client spent $4000 on each ad set. $2000 on Google ads and $2000 on Facebook ads. The first $4000’s targeted clicks or website visits. This is a default option that Google and Facebook usually offer. It does drive tremendous traffic to your site. Of the 1000’s website visitors, this client only results in 6 total leads. Luckily, their leads are quite valuable with an average revenue/lead of $1200.

The second ad set had specific goals setup using a Facebook pixel to track a conversion page as a successful lead. The same conversion page was used when creating a custom Google conversion. With this specific goal, Facebook and Google were a bit slow at first. Our traffic decreased, but after 1 month, we saw 25 leads come through the pipeline. This was hugely important.

When you really think about it; it does make sense. You cannot give AI a generic goal of sending people to your site and expect success in any other way than for them to visit your site. You must give it a specific goal. It learns over time and is very smart. Google and Facebook are not where they are because they have bad tools. They are where they are because they have excellent tools that feed the machine. Just tell the machine what you want to achieve, and you will reap great rewards.

If you need help setting up these tools or managing your ad accounts, Purple Marketing Consulting specializes in developing these ads and ad strategies. Feel free to reach out with questions or inquiries.

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