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General Pricing Packages

Pricing Breakdown

Our mission is to provide complete, remarkable, digital marketing solutions for our clients, and we feel the best way to achieve marketing success is through our partnership and with shared risk (OUR GROWTH PACKAGE).  Our approach is to front load many hours to get our new clients programs up and running successfully. 


We do not have a breakdown of costs for each of our services because of our marketing approach. The reason behind this is our goal is to drive results, your sales. We spend many hours to come up with the right solution and approach for each effort for our clients.  We track your leads and not our hours.  This is why most of our clients are on a cost, plus a percentage contract.


For example, a new project may require months we pour far more hours into SEO and Social Media to drive results; whereas, other months our client’s website requires far more attention and care. Our rate does not change when we spend extra hours on a specific element of our client’s digital presence; however, our clients and our results do change significantly for the better. 


We believe each company is unique, and in turn, deserves a unique (non-cookie-cutter) approach. Purple Marketing Consulting believes every company deserves a customized digital marketing plan. 


We are not selling a service; we are selling a partnership. Our success is your success. 

We are looking forward to working with you.

- Purple Marketing Consulting

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