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Who We Are


Purple Marketing Consulting

The inspiration for the name Purple Marketing Consulting came from a book by Seth Godin, in which he encourages businesses to market their unique products in remarkable, memorable ways.  Realizing every company is unique we made it our mission to provide complete, custom, and remarkable digital marketing solutions for our clients. 

When looking for an agency, you want a customized approach with consultants that care. And we'd like to be those consultants.

How We


A Unique Approach

We know your business isn't like the rest. You know what separates you from your competitors. You know specific, strategic decisions have set your company up for success, and that it would be foolish to try to copy the exact method someone else used to succeed in their business.  We understand that.

Unlike other, cookie-cutter marketing agencies, our goal is to give you all the services you need and none of the ones you don't.  So let's succeed together!

Our Clients

Specialized Marketing For All

We believe that every business deserves a strong digital marketing plan.  And we'd like to help!  Send us an email about your business and we'll send you back a form to fill out so we can pinpoint your exact service needs!

Click the button below to receive our service form along with a FREE MONTH of digital analytics for your website!

Our Logo


pmc circle 2.png

The Circle

We are your complete digital marketing service provider from social media and PPC advertising to Web Design and SEO. 

PMC Arrow 2.png

The Upward Trend

This upward trend defines your organization’s increasing digital presence, growth, and ultimate bottom line.

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The Purple Color

The purple color of the ring, this color signifies unique, grand, and extraordinary characteristics. We believe each of our clients have unique, grand, and extraordinary characteristics that we leverage to allow your organization to stand out.

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