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Strategy is often overlooked and undervalued when it comes to advertising. Strategy is predefining which doors we want to open and explore. Often times, exploration is done in the dark. Our team partners with you to define achievable goals with which to focus our strategy.


A Brief Overview of our Strategic Process

  1. Contract: After a contract is agreed upon, an initial strategic meeting is scheduled.

  2. Initial Strategic Meeting: The purpose of this meeting is to gather as much information as possible about the current state of the client's digital presence, the client's goals, the client's desires for the website, and any other relevant information.

  3. Website Optimization: This period typically takes a month. During this month, the old website (if there is one) will be monitored for any further insights, the new website will be developed, and initial campaign ideas for the year will be captured.

  4.  Annual Strategic Meeting: This meeting will occur once a year, the goal of this meeting is to thoroughly plan out all of the campaigns, major website edits, and social media themes for 12 months. The campaigns and themes should capture big events, holidays, and any other seasonal business change. Of course, we are flexible and work with each client as goals, themes, business, and campaigns change with time. These meetings are critical for establishing our relationship/partnership with each client.

  5. Monthly reports focused on the goals determined in the annual strategic meeting will be drafted and sent to all relevant parties. From these reports, adjustments in goals, focus, campaigns, or website elements may be called to action. A dollar amount can also be shown on these reports to signify the value of our digital marketing efforts. Our team works with each client to determine the value of each customer that reaches a certain "goal" on the website.

  6. Regular meetings and/or phone calls can also be established; this is typically discussed in the annual strategic meeting.

Let Us Plan 

Your Strategy!




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