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Employee Spotlight: Rachelle Henry

Rachelle joined Purple Marketing Consulting in the beginning of 2022 and is excited to be a part of the team. She works with clients on email marketing, running ads across platforms, creating integrated marketing plans with branding kits and more. Rachelle strives to create a consistent branding approach and build strong relationships with both clients and customers.

Rachelle will graduate with her Bachelors of Applied Science in Digital Marketing in June 2022 and plans on pursuing an MBA with an emphasis in marketing. Along with her career in marketing, Rachelle is a professional actor, filmmaker and host which gives her a unique perspective on the creation of advertisements and how storytelling can connect brands to their target audience. Rachelle has appeared in over 70 film, television and commercial projects. She has two TV series premiering in 2022: GASLIT starring Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Dan Stevens is set to premiere on STARZ in April and an NDA Netflix project which will be announced soon.

Rachelle is grateful for the opportunity to grow her portfolio and expand her marketing knowledge with the PMC family.

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