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PMC + ClickUp

Our PMC tip of the month is for your team to use a project management system. Project management systems allow everyone to work in one place, share comments, build out goals, and do it all on one platform. Project management systems can allow further clarity on who is assigned to which elements of the project, when project deadlines are due, and any additional notes you would like to keep with your tasks.

Are Project Management Systems Free?

Yes, you can find free project management systems. Sites like ClickUp and Trello offer free management for teams. There are additional systems like Monday and Asana which do have a monthly fee. There are also free trial periods to test some systems for a period of time before purchasing.

How Can They Help Your Business?

Project management systems can help keep your team organized and on track to reach the goals you’ve set. It can help your team become more effective by allowing all team members working on a project to know its status.

The combination of calendars, cloud drives, and project chats all brought together into a visual project representation brings everyone up to speed and shows them what their next task is within the overall picture. A streamlined and well equipped team can do anything and this is how it is done in the 21st century

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