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Purple Marketing + LinkTree

Linktree is a digital marketing tool used by international brands and personalities such as Selena Gomez, Comedy Central, and L’Oréal Paris. It combines all of the links your business needs from company websites, subscription sign-ups, collecting payments, linking to videos, and more. Having an online presence seems to be a complicated process, but Linktree compiles all the components in one landing page.

Often, social media platforms only allow businesses a certain amount of links, making the system seem one-dimensional. Linktree creates one URL where viewers have access to all the links your company has to offer with ease; making it into a multi-faceted interface.

Linktree gives customers two different tier options, Linktree Free and Linktree Pro, and Purple Marketing utilizes the first tier. With this, we give customers access to pre-made themes and the ability to see how many times and people clicked and viewed content. The Pro tier has the ability to add in design customization and animation abilities plus data analytics to further propel your business forward. Either option can provide our clients with what they need to create a well-rounded landing page to wow their customers!

By Andrea Wolf, Staff Copywriter

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